Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Episodes #150 & #151-- Favorite Disney Vacation

Today is my 150th podcast! So, to commemorate the moment, its sort of a double length show! I welcome Curt, Gary, and Doug to a roundtable discussion, where we talk about our favorite Disney vacations. Come and take a listen and see if you catch some themes that match with your experiences. We are all different ages, and have experienced Disney in our own ways - and yet there's a common thread about our experiences that keeps us coming back! Enjoy the show.

On the podcast, I mention the Great Disney Scavenger Hunt. Here are my podcasts on that experience:

The Great Disney Scavenger Hunt, Part 1
The Great Disney Scavenger Hunt, Part 2
Wrapup from the Hunt

And here is the complete story in writing: My Blog entry about the hunt

And I mention my pin trading app, which you can find here:
Want to keep track of your pins and be able to see them while you are out pin trading?  Then this is the app for you!

Pin Trading app for iPhone, iPod & iPad

Want to hear more about Pin Trading?  Check out the My podcast about Pin Trading

Autism Speaks: Tower of Terror 10-miler

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