Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Episode #133 - the Muppets!

Today's podcast is a further look at the Muppets, how they ultimately became a Disney property, and how actor Jason Segel revived them on the big screen. Now back in Episode #36, I looked at the history of Henson and stopped around the time that Disney acquired are some additional insights...

In the podcast, I reference some audio clips from which the Jason Segel audio comes. These are:
Studio Q
Screen Team Media
Attack of the Show

Also, recommended reading is a Wired magazine article that talks about Segel's interest in the provided part of the inspiration for this podcast.

In addition, The Awl did an extensive piece about Jim Henson in 1990 that is worth reading...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Episode #132 - Top (or bottom?) 10 Disney World Restaurants that 'miss the mark'

Today's podcast is a look at the restaurants that I personally am not that fond of, and probably won't return to - given the plethora of choices that exist around the resort. Its not that any of them are bad, its about the bang for the buck, given my tastes and what they offer.

Its really about how, IMHO, they miss the mark in some way. For some of them, its the way they use their space, for some its the food, and for a few the "experience" is great but its off for some reason.

Now I know that - probably - no one will agree with my list in its entirety, and I'm sure some will think I left off a restaurant. But I wanted to throw out my list and get the conversation started.

#10: Mickeys backyard bbq / Hoop De Doo

#9: Tony's Town Square

#8: Garden Grill

#7: Liberty Tree Tavern

#6: Pizza Planet

#5 O'hana (breakfast)

#4: Chef Mickeys (dinner)

#3 1900 Park Fare (breakfast)

#2: Cinderella's Royal Table

#1: 50's Primetime Cafe

Have a restaurant you feel this way about? Want to quibble with my list? Post a comment!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Episode #131 - Country Bear Vacation Hoedown

In Walt Disney World, from 1986 to 1992, the Country Bears went on vacation, and had a celebratory hoedown. This is the audio from that version of the attraction. Also, I have added some technical facts that describe how the show works. I hope you enjoy!