Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Episode #232a - Bonus podcast! More on the Force Awakens.

Overview: I saw the movie again, and had some additional thoughts about it that I want to share. I have a few observations, and some of my own theories that I hope you'll enjoy hearing. **This podcast is spoiler heavy! ***      

Notes:Consider this podcast as a bonus! I had no real intention of revising the movie, but I was amazed at the detail and wanted to share. One note: the box that contains the light saber is reported to be the same one that Obi Wan opened in Episode 4.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Episode #232 - Star Wars the Force Awakens

Overview: I went to see the new film, and I wanted to take time to review it, and talk a little Star Wars.  There are spoilers in this podcast, but they appear in the second half - and I call out when they're going to start...before that, I talk about the first 6 films, and Star Wars in general.      

Notes: Here's a nugget for you that I didn't mention in the podcast: after "the first" episode (i.e., IV) was filmed, Harrison Ford thought the film was not to his liking, and asked not to appear in subsequent films. After some discussion with Lucas, they agreed to kill him off in Episode V....but he had a change of heart during some of the early reads, and decided to stick it out for the 3 episodes, and was delighted to come back for Episode VII.

Also - BONUS! I put a podcast out early for you to enjoy...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Episode #231 - Epcot Food and Wine 20th recap

Overview: In October, my son and I took a trip to the Food and Wine Fest. We had a great time touring Epcot, getting passports stamped, playing Remy's Hide and Squeak, being an unpaid intern trying to help catch Doofenshmirtz, touring the festival, and of course trying the food! We talk about the experience and all that we did.   

Notes: The event is so much fun. I try and make it up there every year to experience the event, and take it all in. Here are a couple of videos I made that you might enjoy:

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Episode #230 - Lets Make a Deal

Overview: Back in 1990, I tried out to be on Let's Make a Deal, a game show that was being taped at Disney's MGM Studios. I tell the story of that long day. Of course I talk about more than just a simple story, because I love to talk.   

Notes: If you want to re-hear (and watch a graphic that depicts what the author is saying) about the odds of winning if you change doors, check out this YouTube video

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Episode #229 - Disney news, December, 2015

Possible area for Star Wars land?

Overview: There's a lot of news about Star Wars land in the Hollywood studios, and some other related items. I cover it all and give my thoughts about what's happening. Plus, I've got some stories I've read about, talk about the taping of the Christmas day parade, and a few miscellaneous updates.   

Notes: The singer is Rhett Wheeler. As it turns out, he isn't an amateur, and this may have been partially intentional on Disney's part. Still, he says this was a “dream come true”...According to his website, Wheeler holds a Bachelor of The Arts degree from the New School University in New York City. He’s traveled the world and keeps on performing in hopes of catching his big break that could send him onto super-stardom. Good luck Rhett!

Want to know about the history of the Osborne lights? Check out a previous podcast of mine where I discuss it.