Sunday, August 31, 2014

Episode #185 - Food and Wine Festival overview and preview

This episode is an overview - or primer - of the Food and Wine Festival.

In it I mention a social app for you to use as you experience the Food & Wine Fest at EPCOT. Its only for the iPhone (sorry other users, but I'm an apple developer)....

The basic premise is this: you show up at the F&W Fest and wonder where should I start? What's trending? What do people like? So you open the app, and search for food.

Its totally social, so as people try a dish, they can give it a thumbs up (or down), write a review, or rate it on a 5-star scale. And after you try it, you can too!

Plus you can tweet about it - and check the twitter feed to see what others have to say about #EpcotFoodAndWine.

Best of all, its free! Check it out here:
Or if you don't have an i-device visit the mobile site: is a proud sponsor and provides Orlando Scooter Rentals.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Episode #184 - a tribute to Robin Williams

We heard the sad news that Robin Williams has died of an apparent suicide. Robin had a long history with Disney, so I thought I would pay tribute by counting down the top 5 appearances in movies and the theme park. This podcast is over the usual time, but it seemed worthwhile given his wit - and contributions. is a proud sponsor and provides Orlando Scooter Rentals.