Monday, June 19, 2017

Episodes #293 & #294 - Carousel of Progress history part 3 - current show

Overview: In the third part of the series, I talk about how the attraction changed in the 80s, when they lost the GE sponsorship, and 90s, when they made it more like the original attraction, except for the last scene which became a look at the turn of the 21st century.  But they did restore the original theme song.  

Notes: Jean Shepard took over as host in 1993. But the show is mostly the same today as it was back in 1964. Most of the props, set pieces, and the audio animatronics (with of course updates and maintenance) are the same ones used back then.

Episodes #291 & #292 - Carousel of Progress history part 2 - Disney World

Overview: On this podcast, I talk about the carousel of progress and it's move to Florida as a part of the expansion of tomorrowland at the magic kingdom. And a new song is introduced: it's the best time of your life, which evokes the idea of carpe diem.  

Notes: the kitchen is the focal point in all the scenes because that's where family comes together, and perhaps more importantly, that's where you would be most likely to see many GE appliances in one place.

Episodes #289 & #290 - Carousel of Progress history part 1 - Progressland and Disneyland

Overview: On this episode, I start a retrospective of the carousel of progress. I first take a look at the general concept, then talk about its design, music, and it's installation at the worlds fair as Progressland.  Afterward, I talk about the move to Disneyland.   


Notes: "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow" is said to be One of Walt Disneys favorites because it considers the possibility of tomorrow.  And the carousel of progress reflects a lot of good things - moments from the past, hope for the future, and family to name a few key themes.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Episode #288 - A Disney World Trip Report

Overview: I took a trip up to the world recently, so naturally I have to tell some stories about my trip.  In particular, I tell you about my adventure on the Behind the Steam Trains tour.  

Notes: Many of the tours offered at Disney World are quite good  You should take some time to check them out on a future trip.