Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DDV #52 - The Great Disney Scavenger Hunt. Part 1

May 12 & 13, the D23-sponsored scavenger hunt was on!! The Blathering Blatherskytes were represented by me and my friend Curt. We took on the hunt thusly: Day 1 - Magic Kingdom, Epcot - and Day 2 - Animal Kingdom, Studios.

It was fantastically fun, and sometimes vexing. On this episode, come along as we roll through the days. I present some sample questions for you, but you can see the all of the booklets at http://disneypodcast.net/thehunt.htm

I have a few corrections to make - gee I guess I spent a lot of time re-thinking my answers!

  • on the podcast, I say that there were 3 onion rings. The correct answer is 5

  • The weathervane in question was on top of Peter Pan's flight
  • The height requirement is 44" on Expedition Everest
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