Sunday, February 26, 2012

DDV #87 - Walter Cronkite and Disney

Walter Cronkite's relationship with Disney and Disney World is not really that deep. Aside from appearing as the host of Epcot, and narrating Space Ship Earth, his other two notable contributions were the introduction to animation at the Studios, and appearing as the host of Holiday Illuminations. But he did appear in a few TV specials where he talked about his love of Disney

Friday, February 17, 2012

DDV #86 - SpaceShip Earth - Cronkite version

The second host of SpaceShip Earth is the one most people remember as being the voice of the attraction - and really the voice of Epcot. Of course, he's uncle Walter - Walter Cronkite. Respected as a journalist, Cronkite adds a certain authority to the audio. On this show, its Walter's narration of SpaceShip Earth.

His voice could be heard from 1986-1995, but to me he will always be *the* voice of the attraction. This was certainly the version I enjoyed the most.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DDV #85 - Spaceship Earth

This podcast is a look back at the history, design, and construction of Epcot's signature icon. I talk about what it took to make a complete dome, and how they did it. I start off with the history of domes, then discuss some the engineering, math, and science that makes it work. And then move to the show itself and that attention to detail. Finally, I present the original audio (pre Walter Cronkite) for the show. From Lost EPCOT