Monday, October 26, 2015

Episode #226 - American Experience: Walt Disney.

Overview: I sat down and watched all 4 hours of the American Experience: Walt Disney, and I provide something that is part review, and part my thoughts about what I saw and heard. I find the man to be complicated and pretty interesting. As I note in the podcast, he was larger than life and that really shines through the production. But he also was very family oriented and considered people who worked for him as such - making his life as the head of a company bearing his name....complicated.   

Notes: You can watch a preview, order a DVD, or learn more about the show by visiting the PBS website.

And if you want to read more, Slate did a nice piece about the show.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Episode #225 - Ticket price increases

Overview: Today's podcast is my look at the ticket price increases. Come in and take a listen to what I have to say on the topic. Plus, I've got a couple of corrections from previous shows. And I've got an interesting take on the Magic Band that might be of interest.   

Notes: Here's A blog where they break down what's inside the Magic Band.

Fortune Magazine wrote an interesting article about the price increases.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Episode #224 - Best of WDW

Overview: Joining me on today's podcast is Carl Trent, the author of Dad's Guide to WDW, and publisher of WDW Magazine. We talk about his new coffee table book The Best of WDW (Volume 1), and chat about lots of things related to Disney World. It's a beautiful book that you should take a peek at.   

Notes: You can subscribe to the magazine here: WDW Magazine website

His book, The Best of WDW is available through his website.