Sunday, May 29, 2011

DDV #55 - Sci-Fi Dine In Theater

I still love the kitchy nature of this place - in spite of the fact the car hops aren't quite as interactive, there are no roller skates, and the menu doesn't quite evoke the 50s feel that it once did.

Its all about the ambiance, the clever selection of movie trailers, and the imagination that went into it.

This podcast is simply audio from my dining experience. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

DDV #54 - wrapup from the hunt, and other thoughts on the trip.

I arrived at Disney World on Wednesday, and spent a little time on the Boardwalk, then went to the Studios, and Epcot, before finally heading to Downtown Disney for a while.

Then, on Saturday after the hunt, I spent some time in the Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom.

I give some thoughts about the time I spent doing that, and also talk about the restaurants that I checked out while I was there.

Plus, since I was staying at the Saratoga Springs resort, I give my thoughts on the property and the DVC experience.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

DDV #53 - The Great Disney Scavenger Hunt - part 2

On this episode, Curt and I recap our experiences, and you'll hear from Becky Cline - who now is the head of the Disney Archives - as she announces the results.

We didn't win (we came in at #264, with 425 points, right in the middle of the pack) but that's okay by us. It was a blast, and I'm ready to do it again!

Remember, you can see the all of the questions at

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DDV #52 - The Great Disney Scavenger Hunt. Part 1

May 12 & 13, the D23-sponsored scavenger hunt was on!! The Blathering Blatherskytes were represented by me and my friend Curt. We took on the hunt thusly: Day 1 - Magic Kingdom, Epcot - and Day 2 - Animal Kingdom, Studios.

It was fantastically fun, and sometimes vexing. On this episode, come along as we roll through the days. I present some sample questions for you, but you can see the all of the booklets at

I have a few corrections to make - gee I guess I spent a lot of time re-thinking my answers!

  • on the podcast, I say that there were 3 onion rings. The correct answer is 5

  • The weathervane in question was on top of Peter Pan's flight
  • The height requirement is 44" on Expedition Everest
  • Monday, May 9, 2011

    DDV #51 - Weird Al's connection to Disney World

    I have seen Weird Al perform many times at the parks. There was Grad Nite for me, and I saw several of his shows that evening. And then there was a night out at Pleasure Island where it was a giant sing-along; he did costume changes and had a really fun show.

    I explore his history with the parks - though he is just a fan as I am. Also I play a clip from his song "Skipper Dan" which is a fun parody of the Jungle Cruise skippers.

    [editor's note: I downloaded a copy when he made it available last year as a teaser. I use it here, but would hope that if you like it, you purchase a copy. If anyone has any objections to its use, please let me know]