Sunday, May 28, 2017

Episode #287 - a little Disney news

Overview: I take a look at some news from around Disney World.  Attraction changes - including Ellen's Energy Adventure, The Jungle Cruise, and of course the Hall of Presidents.  Also transportation changes, and a couple of pieces of odd news.  

Notes: As I noted, the HoP was likely to undergo a change, regardless of who sits in the office.  It was time. Be sure and check out the history here-

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Episode #286 - Pandora

Overview: Some friends of mine visited Disney World recently, and were lucky enough to be selected to get a preview of Pandora the World of Avatar.  They were more than happy to share their thoughts about the land (hint: they loved it), so come and hear all about the new land and Disney's Animal Kingdom.  

Notes: They also timed it well enough to see the end of Wishes and the start f the new nighttime show, so they tell us about that experience, too.  My thanks to Mike & John for sharing their experiences and their photos!

Photo tour:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Episode #285 - If You Had Wings

Overview: If You Had Wings was a hybrid of dark ride, creative effort, and advertisement.  I took a look back at how it came to be, what it was, and give you the ride audio. I also discuss the Omnimover ride technology.  Remember, you do have wings...  

Notes: If You Had Wings was quite memorable in spite of its limited effects, and lack of an immersive storyline.  I suppose it was the music, the general fun of it all, and the fact that it was free in an era where you paid per ride.  People talk about the attraction with reverence.  Or at least I do.

Want to know more about the Omnimover? Check out Disney's Omnimover patent