Friday, January 6, 2012

DDV #81 - Pin Trading

Today, I'm talking about Pin Trading. 

I follow the history and answer: How did it start? And roll around to : How do I do it?

Its pretty thorough except for one simple thing that I failed to mention: green lanyards on CastMembers means they trade only with children.

I also delve into what you might trade, different types of pins that are available to trade, and even where you might get some pins a little cheaper to get you started.

Its a fun activity that really doesn't cost much and is easy to get home.

As for me, I don't trade, but I do have a couple of pins, including the 5-legged goat that appears on the mural in the Contemporary.

Of course there are CastMembers who can help you, and some signage that gives the quick overview:
You can also visit a couple of websites to help you:
Disney's overview
PinPics - an anthology of pins
All Ears Pin Trading Guide


  1. I have a five legged goat as well! are they rare?

  2. Unfortunately, its not all that rare. Disney ran a pretty big number of them. But, because its currently out of production its hard to find, at least in trade. To purchase, you can find them on ebay for a couple of dollars....

    But I suspect that because its unusual it will probably appreciate *at some point*. And even if that's not anytime soon, its still a nice piece; I simply like the pin and what it represents, and it has a value to me in that sense, greater than its dollar value.