Monday, June 18, 2018

Episode #320 - Dave answers your questions

Overview:  Today, I'm back to answer your Disney Questions!  From Club 33, to taking a teen to Disney, to renting a car, to solo at the parks, to Food & Wine, I've got you covered.   

Notes: Keep those questions coming!  Always happy to help you out!

More about Club 33:
Epcot Food & Wine:

Come and check out my new series lost & found in wdw.  Episode 1 is now available!

Episode #319 - Listen to the Land

Overview:  Today's podcast is a look back at the original ride in the Land Pavilion: Listen to the Land.  Come along and listen to a live guide recording from sometime in the early 1980s.  Its fun.  And the song is great!  

Notes: Although there were some terrific things I saw on my first couple of visits, the one that made the most lasting impression was Listen to the Land in the (surprise!) Land pavilion at Epcot.  There was something sciencey about it all, and its size was truly amazing.

Come and check out my new series lost & found in wdw.  Episode 1 is now available!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Episode #318 - School Trips to Disney World

Overview:  After taking my daughter to the Animal Kingdom - and talking about it - I started thinking about all the trips I took to Disney World as a school group.  I reflect on that, tell you some stories, and reminisce about the experience. 

Notes: One of the really great benefits of growing up in Florida was having the ability to take annual school trips to the parks, in addition to the regular family trips.  It really couldn't be beat.

Come and check out my new series lost & found in wdw.  Episode 1 is now available!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Episode #317 - a trip to the Animal Kingdom

Overview:  My daughter had an opportunity to go on a school field trip to the Animal Kingdom, and I went along to chaperone.  It was fun, but very different.  I talk about my day.   

Notes: My problem with the Navi'i river journey is that there's no story, nothing to grab you.  It looks nice, but is pointless. IMHO that's exactly what Avatar (the movie) was so, I guess mission accomplished!  And to clarify, I only had enough time at the end of the day to do one attraction - and the short wait time was appealing since I still had to get home.

I've now got a YouTube channel setup for my new series lost & found in wdw.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Episode #316 - Some Disney News

Overview:  Today, its a dose of Disney news. I've got goings on in the WDW parks, and talk about transportation around WDW.  I've also got some things outside of the Orlando the park - namely some new technology Disney has come up with, and an update on 21st Century Fox.  

Notes: The monorail sign at the top of this entry was added to all cars after there was an incident with one monorail where the door wouldn't close.  To be clear, not every car in every monorail has a problem - its just an ongoing maintenance problem.

Happy 20th to the Animal Kingdom!

Here's the tech I talk about -