Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Episode #283 & #284 - Norway pavillion

Overview: Today's podcast is a tribute to the Norway pavilion. I take a thorough look at the design, layout, and theming. Then, I spend some time talking about shopping and dining. This was the last new pavilion added to World Showcase, way back in 1988!  

Notes: Norway is intriguing because it represents the area known as Scandinavia generally.  I am not a huge fan of what they did to get the fictional area of Arendale into the real country of Norway, even thought it was cute and clever.

I did enjoy putting together this retrospective on all 11 World Showcase pavilions.  I hope you enjoyed listening to it, and learning more about the history of Epcot.

Want to take a quick photo tour of Norway?  Check out my post here.

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