Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Episode #276 - Italy pavillion

Overview: Today's podcast is a tribute to the Italy pavilion. I take a thorough look at the design, layout, and theming. Then, I spend some time talking about shopping and dining. Its the 9th (and final) Epcot opening-day pavilion I discuss.  Come and take a visit to Venice with me.  

Notes: Italy is unique among the pavilions, in that there is no ride or show in the pavilion.  Its shopping, dining, and a couple of performers. Primarily the focus of this pavilion is its architecture and things you can see.  No doubt its worth exploring, but its hard to "talk" about on a podcast.

Here is an interesting factoid that I don't mention in the podcast: The statues that look like marble in the Italy pavilion are hollow. Since they were so lightweight and liable to blow away during the slightest breeze, they were held in place with rods running from their base through the hollow center.

Want to take a quick photo tour of Italy?  Check out my post here.

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