Sunday, January 1, 2017

Episodes #272, #273, and #274 - changes coming to EPCOT

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Overview: Joining me on today's podcast is Scott Shindeldecker, owner of We talk all about Epcot, from its history, to what we loved (and still love) about it, to what's in store for its future ... at least as far as we know.    

Notes: EPCOT (in all caps) was an intriguing idea from the mind of Walt himself.  Whether even he could have pulled off is anyone's guess, but what the Disney company did manage to execute was a pretty good alternative.  But the world has changed, and Epcot kind of stayed stagnant, so updates and changes are probably in order. Our hope is that these changes keep the essence of what the 70s designers of Epcot had in mind.

Scott's site is a blog about his perspective on the parks, and is a fun read if you are a devotee to the idea that is Epcot.

It's a podcast so big it spans three regular shows in length! You won't want to miss it!

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