Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Going To Disney World! (show #2)

In this episode I explore the origins of "I'm going to Disney World!"...which - believe it or not - was first uttered by Dick Rutan after he successfully circumnavigated the globe. Judy Eisner asked him at a dinner what he was going to do next, and he uttered the catch phrase.

In the podcast, I incorrectly attribute the phrase to his brother, Bert. Bert helped design the craft and is an amazing engineer. But he was not on the flight.

Of course the first person to utter the immortal words in an ad campaign was Phil Simms after he won a SuperBowl.


  1. Was Phil Simms paid to say that or was it genuine? If so, it was marketing genius.

  2. Short answer: it was deliberate and he was paid. Disney worked out a deal with both Elway and Simms to deliver the line if they won. They positioned a guy on either sideline to remind the winner as the game wound down...and since Simms' team won, they cued him to deliver the 5 word catch phrase.

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