Monday, April 18, 2011

DDV #13 - My CastMember experience (part 3)

In this episode, I finish my thoughts about being a CM by telling a couple of fun stories and wondering what-if? What if I had stayed?
The what-if scenario plays out in my mind all the time. Sure I have no regrets, but everyone asks themselves this regularly day, don't they? What if I had done something differently?
I talk briefly about my decision to leave, and the reasons for it. Naturally (as most men will tell you is the case when there's a "life altering" decision to be made) there was a woman involved. Whether I was right or wrong at the time is irrelevant. It was complicated, and I had to move on. Enough said.
It was a most interesting time in my life, and I'll never forget it, and always treasure it.
I do have more stories to tell, and will sprinkle them into other podcasts.

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