Monday, January 21, 2013

Episode #126 - Hall of Presidents Clinton version

Today's podcast is the audio of the show that was re-written in 1993 to slightly revise the historical nature of our nation's history.

And some might say its more than "slightly" because it talks about a more politically correct late 20th century version of history than maybe Walt would have liked. But it still has a certain sentiment that makes it special and unique.

It features poet Maya Angelou as the narrator. And for the first time, you hear a president speak in his own voice.


  1. I'm playing catch-up on your podcast, and have been enjoying hearing more audio from the parks. When I got to this episode, I was surprised to hear my recording. For those wanting to hear the higher quality recording, you can get them from my podcast at

    My guess Dave is you probably got it years ago from someone who got it from me through the old file sharing days, so it doesn't surprise me. I hear them released from time to time on various podcasts.

  2. And my turn to catchup on comments... Blushes because it’s been a while... I’m not sure where I picked up the audio, but thanks for letting people know it was yours. I like giving credit where credit is due! And... Thanks for doing the recording!