Thursday, November 15, 2012

Episode #117 - Hall of Presidents original show

Today, I present the audio from the Hall of Presidents, as it existed from 1971-1993. It is narrated by Lawrence Dobkin, and provides an interesting - and very Walt like - view back into the history of our great country. If its your first time hearing it, see if you don't learn something. And if you remember it from the past, see if there are moments that seem to be part of our collective consciousness, and our understanding of history. This version is ca 1973, and the last president listed in Nixon.

The only things that changed in the show over the next 20 years were the addition of the next president, and the battle hymn at the end in the 80s. Otherwise, the show remained the same.

Something interesting I noticed as I listened to this audio was that some of my recollections about historical facts were based on this show - rather than something I learned in a school room. I won't comment on whether that's good or bad, but it does show the power of the presentation....

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