Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Episode #115 - Doug Live

Today's show focuses on a live show that holds a unique place in Disney history. The show is Doug Live! and its unique because it was not based on a Disney property - it was based on a Nickelodeon show that was bought out by Disney, and appeared on ABC morning.

Joining me to discuss it is Gary Miceli, a lover of the show and a Doug Live! specialist...you can find Gary on Facebook. Feel free to contact him with any questions you might have about the show...

A promotional item from Disney in 1999 read:
It's really tough being 12. And no one knows the trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a 12-year-old kid better than the title star of the "Disney's Doug Live!" musical stage show coming to Disney-MGM Studios.

The spring 1999 debut of "Disney's Doug Live!" will be part of the largest expansion in Walt Disney World history.

Disney's Doug -- star of the popular ABC "One Saturday Morning" television show with the same name -- will come to life through a mix of live performances and animation several times each day at Disney-MGM Studios in an original story developed especially for the theme park. "Disney's Doug Live!" replaces the SuperStar TV attraction which closed Sept. 26.

The new story of "Disney's Doug Live!" follows Doug Funnie, his dog Porkchop, best friend Skeeter, secret crush Patti and class bully Roger through the ups and downs of pre-teen life.

Disney-MGM Studios guests can be part of the show as lucky audience members will be chosen to play small parts in each performance of "Disney's Doug Live!"

You can watch the show here.  Its a lot of fun!

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