Saturday, October 13, 2012

Episode #113 - EPCOT opening audio

Today's podcast is a look back at opening day in EPCOT. I have audio from then-chairman of the board E Cardon "Card" Walker, standing in front of a crowd offering a short dedication ceremony, some audio from the actual park opening - and that includes music and an introduction by Jack Wagner.

And then, I present part of the audio from a live TV feed from EPCOT that was shown on CBS to promote its opening. If you're interested in watching the whole video - including some of the cheesy scenes, amusing comments, moderately bad acting and Disney-fied music - be sure and watch the YouTube video below.

And finally, I have a few quotes and promotional materials to share. It's a look back at the actual opening of the park, and in some ways looking ahead to the promise of tomorrow....that never was.

In particular, Kaye specifically references an Israel pavillion, a Spain pavillion, and talks with Alex Haley about the concepts for the Africa pavillion....

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