Thursday, October 25, 2018

Episode #330 - A visit to "the World"

Overview:  I visited Walt Disney World in late October as part of my annual tradition of enjoying the Food and Wine Festival.  This time, I went at it alone, but made new friends as I went to various booths.  And since I was there, I visited all the parks to check out construction activities, see what was new, and to of course ride a few favorite attractions.

Notes: I had some fun hanging around, working on my video series, and enjoying some food!  I noticed with iOS12 my iPhone automatically added a location name to each recording, which was pretty slick.  And except for one recording, it was accurate.  The one that was wrong was when I was near the Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom.  For some reason, it said the recording was "Restroom" which I thought was pretty amusing.

Don’t forget about my video series: lost and found in Disney World.

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