Sunday, October 15, 2017

Episode #299 - More miscellanous news.

Overview: Today's podcast covers a few items that I left off my last podcast - miscellanous items that cover a wide range of topics.  From the family of the boy killed by the alligator, to espn-Disney-trump, to dessert parties, and mobile ordered, and a whole lote more!.  Enjoy!   

Notes:  Link to articles I discuss on the podcast:


  1. Being the wife of a man who suffers from occasional kidney stones, I was interested in your recent information on Big Thunder Mountain dislodging kidney stones. My main question in follow up is WHO would have any interest in strolling around the Magic Kingdom with kidney stones??? There are only so many benches available for writhing in pain and most usually are filled with happy non kidney stone suffering guests and their families. I question this research as it does not seem feasible that they could have used actual kidney stone sufferers in the throngs of an attack. Also, the paperwork to get this treatment covered by an insurance company would make the kidney stone seem like a walk in the park!

    I can tell you from my own personal experience that Big Thunder Mountain DOES dislodge rental car keys. Twenty five years ago, my husband (who was not suffering from kidney stones at the time) and I were riding on Big Thunder and after one swing around a curve, he looked at me with the same face Ralphie had when the lug nuts went flying in A Christmas Story. ("Ohhhhhhhhh........fudge"). We were staying off property on International Drive (don't judge) and had rented a compact car to get us back and forth to the park. The rental car keys had gone flying down to the bottom of the tracks where all humanity was prohibited.

    It all did work out because at the end of every day, once the ride closes, a case member walks the tracks and did find our rental car keys. We were among the last people out of the park that night waiting at Town Hall to see if the keys were found but it all worked out and in the end, we have a good story to tell.

    I am skeptical about the kidney stones thing but I can tell you that the ride is successful in rental car key dislodgement.

    1. Hi Jean. Thanks for your comment. I’m with you that it seems almost silly to get there and ride a roller coaster. But the story is interesting and that’s why I shared it. Here’s the link to snipes.