Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Episodes #188 - The extraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

Overview: This podcast takes a look at what came after Mission to Mars closed in the Magic Kingdom. In short, it was a creative thrill ride that didn't provide physical thrills, but rather psychological ones. Seize the future with XS!   

Notes: Michael Eisner asked for it to be more terrifying along the way. And the Imagineers had to work with the existing building, and most of the set designs in order to keep costs down. Arguably, this is one of the most non-Disney attractions ever put in to the Magic Kingdom.


  1. I always enjoy your history and news lessons on Disney. I remember going on Alien Encounter as a kid and being absolutley terrified. Way too intense when I was littler. When I went back to Disney after a 14 year absence I was releived that it was gone and went on the new ride but it seemed a bit unmemorable compared to Alien.

  2. Thanks...I thought this was such a cool attraction. I just recorded a followup, so it will be out there soon...there's way more to this story!