Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DDV #59 - Married to the Mouse

This week, I welcome Rick Foglesong to the show. Rick wrote Married to the Mouse about a decade ago. The book is about the relationship between Disney, the state of Florida, and the two counties in which it resides. Its an interesting read, and I recommend it.

We delve into this complex relationship, and talk about some general topics in political science as they relate to Disney. But fear not! This is a fun discussion and there is no final exam.

Among the topics:

  • Did you know that Walt was *this close* to opening a park in St Louis before he found Florida?
  • Did you know that Disney has tremendous authority for land use?
  • Would you believe that Walt understood the issues of having permanent residents in his EPCOT?
  • Did the company use the concept of EPCOT to its advantage after Walt's death?

    And there's so much more. The show is longer than usual (about 37 minutes), but I think you'll agree it is well worth it.

    Rick was great to talk with, and I think you'll enjoy the conversation.

    Married to the Mouse is available on Amazon. Please consider making a purchase through my Amazon affiliate store. (use the text link above)

    You can visit Rick on the web at www.richardfoglesong.com
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